For our Association of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is synonymous with the words of Andrew Carnegie, who said „Wealth should be regarded as a sacred trust, managed by the holder, into which flows the hands, the greatest good of the people”.

For the clarity of the action we have taken on the task of implementing CSR codified in ISO 26000, which is an indicator for socially responsible organizations – although as such to recognize that we want the norm was a confirmation of our current position.

In essence, the Association is the support of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, we employ nearly 60 employees, for whom the answer as a solid and reliable employer. We also care about the transparency of our organization because sources of funding for the implementation of the tasks facing the Association come from, inter alia, the educational subsidy, the contract with the National Health Fund and the agreement with the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, District of Cieszyn and Cieszyn district municipal offices. The „ecosophy with Disabilities” is, however, beyond mere schematics, breaking the existing approach to construction, ecology and the future of education and rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

In the daily functioning of the Association and conducted Rehabilitation – Education – Educational priority, but education and rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities is taking care of the environment and talk about sustainable development – which is the basis for thinking about the future, not only our but also our environment. As an association we have the status of a public benefit organization, we are open for cooperation taking into account the principles of transparency, fairness and partnership. We are also open on many projects for which the key words are: volunteering, sustainable development, education, rehabilitation, ecology, biobudownictwo social responsibility.

Support so far proved to us:


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